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Hole # 11

Put on your thinking cap because this is a risk reward gem. Position is key, for the dogleg right par 5. Hope you’re hittin’ it good. Keep it down the right side to have an open shot to the green. Hillside marked as hazard stretches all the way down the right side to the end of the fairway. Trees line the left side of the fairway all the way to the creek 300 yards off the tee. While the hole plays downwind, reaching the end of the fairway could require proper club selection, making the 515 yard hole tough to take advantage of. Hitting the ball 301 yards could mean an impossible downhill lie and having to lay-up just over the creek at the bottom of the 40 foot slope.


The approach to the green from the landing area is all down hill. It feels like standing on top of the world. Negotiating the trees on the left will require either a high launched shot over or a sweeping hook around them.


The green is protected in front by two bunkers right and left. Mounding behind the green gives the green a back to front tilt and excellent reception of wedge shots.


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